This is the fourth of a series of posts about SQA, my pet audio project. I’m rebuilding it from the ground up, for reasons explained here.

This week’s commit log


Nothing this week.


Nothing this week.


  • 2ede365 on 2017-01-21: Make this into a proper library

This week’s changes in detail

Alright, alright…this wasn’t actually a week. It was a fortnight! This fortnight, I’ve been working on sqa-ffmpeg, a library to interface with FFmpeg, so that SQA can play all the audio (and video, later) formats that it supports.

This did take quite a bit of time to get right (also, other commitments got in the way, hence the apparent lack of work for a two-week period). However, sqa-ffmpeg can now play .mp3, .aiff, .flac, .ogg, .m4a, .alac, and many other sorts of file! I’ve even wired it up to sqa-engine for a small proof-of-concept - check out the code here.

Next week, I’ll work on more features like seeking and timestamps, and I’ll try to put sqa-ffmpeg on (and, hopefully, I’ll provide a nice screenshot or something, so you can see what it does).

That’s it for this week - stay tuned for next week’s devlog!