I write my name “eta” in all settings (even at the start of a sentence), and refer to myself using she/her pronouns.

I’d politely ask that other people respect these conventions. In particular, I’d prefer if people did not write “Eta”; the letters E and t next to each other look weird, especially in certain fonts! (Writing “ETA” is fine, though.)

I personally pronounce my name /iːtə/ (“ee-tah”), but you can say it however you like.

Although I do have a surname on my deed poll, I don’t use it unless it’s strictly necessary (for example, someone’s assumed that names have a first and last name). Please just refer to me as “eta”.

These conventions might seem weird, but it makes me happier when my name is written correctly! Thanks for taking the time to read this page.

Inspiration for this page taken from iliana etaoin.

This is version 7 of this page, updated 2023-05-31.