I write my name “eta” in all settings (even at the start of a sentence), and tend to refer to myself using she/her or they/them pronouns (in order of preference).

I’d politely ask that other people respect these conventions. (In particular, I’d prefer if people did not write “Eta”.)

If lowercase is not available, uppercasing the whole thing is okay (“ETA”), but has a tendency to be confused with estimated times of arrival.

I pronounce my name /iːtə/ (guide to symbols), but I don’t mind if you choose to say it differently.

What about a surname? (click to expand) My legal name includes a surname in order to make things easier for myself, given that most systems embed incorrect assumptions about names (like the idea that they must consist of first and last name components). It's not incorrect to use this surname, but I tend to avoid it where at all possible.

The name I used to be known by shouldn’t be used any more, in any context (it’s a “deadname”). My change of name was confirmed via deed poll on 2021-09-15.

Inspiration for this page taken from iliana etaoin.

This is version 6 of this page, updated 2021-09-16.