Another day, yet another random blog appears on the interwebs, with another username rambling on about yet another topic.

This blog is not different.

So, I might as well tell you what’s going to be on it, then, seeing as you’ve come this far.

This blog is about the future. Yes, that’s right, that mythical concept of time that hasn’t been experienced yet, but becomes the past after just an iota of time passes by.

This blog is also about technology. I know what you’re thinking: yet another crazy “the future of the internet” prophet is in front of you, soon to utter some completely useless and incorrect prediction. This is not one of those blogs.

Because this blog is also going to be technical. This is not a blog where some barely computer-literate person looks at a CD drive and says “In the future, there will be no CD drives! The data will magically transfer into the computer from our minds!”. This is a blog where I pledge to back up most my statements with hard, reliable, technical logic.

So yes, there will be ramblings. You could say they would be incoherent.

But there will also be thoughtful, insightful text that will completely revolutionise the way you think about everything!

And with that completely hyperbolic statement, I sign off, leaving you to browse some other poor sap’s thoughts.

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