hello there

Hello! I'm η (eta), and I write code. Sometimes. Most of the time, I browse the internet and feel guilty about how much coding I've been avoiding. This is something which I will fix. At some point, that is...

Recently, I've been doing a lot of work with the wonderful Rust programming language (see SQA below). I've become a big fanatic of systems programming lately, especially given how easy Rust makes things! When I'm not doing that (and not procrastinating), I write a blog called providero, which you can find the link to below (it's the double quote icon).

languages & skills

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my internet presence

(for stalkers, or anyone who wants to hear my incoherent ramblings)




An audio application for live theatre productions, written in Rust (à la QLab)

source code   under active development

the inebriated family

A chatbot based on Markov chains, reimplemented in various languages.

website link  


A small, fun Brainf**k inspired esoteric language.

source code  

ultimate wolfgame

A mobile-powered implementation of the popular party game.

source code  


A custom statusbar for bspwm written in C, powered by lemonbar

source code  

that's all, folks

This website is admittedly quite short. Overall, I'd say it has a pretty terrible asset-to-content ratio (lots of bootstrap/jquery/font awesome). This is probably because I'm not a very good web developer.
However, if you've got this far, I would recommend looking at my blog for more things - I occasionally post stuff there when I've got the time to. (Yes, the shameless plug is here, and it never ends.)